Saturday, December 24, 2016

Autocorrection Holiday Humor

The Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department truck with Santa brings everyone holiday cheer. Bonus merriment came courtesy of Christy Darrington on the Olney-Brookeville Exchange. While searching for Santa, she wrote, "We looked at the [Santa Truck] schedule -- f*** curious if anyone on here just had him visit recently?"

I read the message and thought, 'Huh? Did she just say what I thought?'

Another OBXer replied, "He came by McDuff and Cherrywood and Bar Harbor Place. What’s with the bad language?"

Christy sheepishly answered, "am SO sorry for the typo! I was voice texting/emailing... should have edited my email…!"

I (and at least one other OBXer) figured that the word "just" was autocorrected into "f***" and could not stop laughing. Others enjoyed many guffaws and shared similar autocorrect mishaps, like "My mom had the same thing happen today in a text to me, but let's just say it autocorrected to a certain part of the male body" and "I had autocorrect change 'asked' to 'died' ... Needless to say it prompted some strange responses!"

Have you experienced any embarrassing and funny autocorrections? If so, we'd love to hear them! Please write them in the comments box below. Spread the joy and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Food for Thought

Remember Adeptus' spooky sign message that appeared before Halloween? It looks like the person trapped in the sign escaped ... and a philosopher took over:

Shortly after the election, I noticed this new message while sitting at the Georgia Avenue/Route 108 traffic light. In terms of the election results, I guess there are no more hypothetical questions. No matter which candidate you voted for, all of the "what if's" are now "what is" or "what will be". 

I love how the folks at Adeptus give those of us waiting in traffic food for thought. Speaking of food and traffic -- happy feasting and safe travels for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Dog Days are Not Over

Everything changes when you get a dog. It's like having a newborn.  Have to keep an eye on them.  What are they up to? They need to be fed.  You check and double check to see if and when they have to go potty. We adopted Lola almost a month ago. You'll be doing a lot of walking, I'm told. Yeah, I guess. Anything to add to my steps. Walking the dog is another experience.  I'm just trying to avoid having her pull my arm off. No! Don't eat that. Then there's people. There's something about a seven month pup that changes people. Joggers come to a complete stop. People actually make eye contact and smile. More so at Lola than at me. They ask you questions while talking to her.
You're a cutie. Yes you are. How old is she?            
  Seven months. We just got her
Look at you! Who's a good dog? What is she?
She's a lab mix. Not sure what breed she's mixed with.
You get the picture.  There's the doggy smell too. Almost as soon as you enter the house. Dog. Dog food. Fur. Drool. Chew toys. That cleaner you use to clean or mask any sign of accidents in the
house. It's all there.  Stepping on squeaky toys and antlers that she likes to chew on. Almost like stepping on a Lego. All these things for dog. More than what I can remember we gave my childhood dog. With apologies to Florence Welch. The dog days have just begun.
Lola lounging

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Excellent Early Voting

OBXers have reported positive Early Voting experiences and I have to agree. Montgomery County’s Early Voting Centers are open until 8pm tonight and 8am-8pm tomorrow. Check addresses and wait times of the ten Early Voting Centers before leaving your home or office; wait times are updated in real time at

This afternoon, I went to the Rockville Early Voting Center because I was already running errands around there. While parking at the Jefferson/Monroe Street garage, I spied an SUV with an oval black and white OES car magnet. I peeked closer to confirm "Olney Elementary School". Yay - we Olney residents are everywhere!

Many people were already filling out their ballets at the Early Voting Center but I experienced no wait. The friendly, efficient election workers ushered voters through the process. Before leaving, I received an oval "I Voted" sticker to give to parking garage attendant … because the first hour of parking is free for voters.Image result for i voted sticker

Without thinking, I proudly stuck the sticker over a chocolate stain on my shirt. While driving up to the exit gate, however, I realized my mistake. I actually pondered paying a dollar for parking just to keep the “I Voted” sticker. I sheepishly offered to take the sticker off my shirt but the kind attendant had me write my name and “I voted” on the ticket instead.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Spooky Sign of the Season

It's almost Halloween and much to my delight, decorations are up! Each year I've written about the cool and unique Halloween decorations I see in the neighborhoods, but what about ones in town?

The other day while waiting at the Georgia Avenue/Route 108 traffic light, I couldn't help but think of Richy Slyon's most recent post, Down on the Corner. When I see panhandlers, I ask myself -- do I help or not?  If I do, how? I agree with Richy that "it can be awkward to pull up and make or maintain eye contact."

Then I spotted someone who does want eye contact and help ... but I really don't know how to help!

I had to stare at this sign in front of Adeptus for a several seconds before comprehending it and chuckling.

What a subtle but spooky sign of the season! Keep an eye on Adeptus' sign whenever you are stuck at the Georgia Avenue/Route 108 intersection -- you never know what they'll post next.